Iceland: Geysers, Puffins & Glacial Hikes

As well as being incredibly scenic (as mentioned in my previous post), Iceland is also a hot spot for some great activities.  And here’s my experience of the ones I got to partake in. ➳ ➳ ➳ First stop; geysers.  I don’t think it is possible to go to Iceland without this natural feature on your list of things to see. We decided to stop off at Haukadalur, … Continue reading Iceland: Geysers, Puffins & Glacial Hikes

Iceland: Reykjavík, Horse Riding & The Blue Lagoon

Iceland, oh boy, oh boy.  Everything about this country was an adventure from start to finish, so I decided write everything down in this post. So here we are .. ta-dah! ➳ ➳ ➳ We started our journey in Reykjavik, spending a few days exploring the coastal town before heading to more of the rural regions.  It was such a beautiful place; brightly coloured rooftops, whale watching tours, and amazing … Continue reading Iceland: Reykjavík, Horse Riding & The Blue Lagoon

Ed Sheeran – Multiply Tour

Standing tickets.  A school day. Two things that never bode well together But despite arriving at the arena minutes before doors opened (I was a little apprehensive we were going to be right at the back, unable to see a thing .. worst case scenario, I know), we managed to get a pretty decent view. There were two support acts, but I didn’t really pay attention to … Continue reading Ed Sheeran – Multiply Tour