11 Things To Do Before You Turn 18

It’s five days till my 18th birthday so, feeling slightly sentimental, I decided to put together a short list of things I’d recommend to try before you turn 18. Drive a car As of this moment in time, I can’t actually drive a car.  I mean, yes, literally speaking I could get into my Mum’s car right now and fiddle around with the pedals until it moved, but … Continue reading 11 Things To Do Before You Turn 18

Travelling and My Gap Year

This time next year I will have finished my A-Levels completely, and more importantly, I will have finished with school altogether.  For most people, the next step in their lives is to apply to University and start planning their career path.  But, because I like making things difficult for myself, I’ve decided not to do this.  Instead, I’m taking a year out. I think everyone … Continue reading Travelling and My Gap Year