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BEARS, Canyon Hikes & White Water Rafting

Carrying on our journey in Banff National Park, we spent the next couple of days seeing the natural wonders the park had to offer. And there's one aspect that doesn't get any more natural - the wildlife.  I was totally obsessed with it out here in Canada as is it on a complete different scale… Continue reading BEARS, Canyon Hikes & White Water Rafting

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Junior Ranger Badges: that souvenir you NEED

I've never been one to turn down a freebie.  So when our trek leader started talking about a free souvenir we could collect at several points along our road trip, it was like music to my ears.  Because my second love after freebies, is souvenirs. The answer: Junior Ranger badges. You can collect these gems… Continue reading Junior Ranger Badges: that souvenir you NEED

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The Grand Canyon (IN A HELICOPTER)

Whilst exploring southern USA with Trek America, we were offered several optional activities - one of these being a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. Out of all the excursions, this was by far the most pricey and before going I'd made sure to read up on previous Trekkers' experiences to see if it was worthwhile. … Continue reading The Grand Canyon (IN A HELICOPTER)

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From Badlands to Mount Rushmore

Whilst travelling with Trek America, we got pretty used to having lunch whilst on the go.  There were several coolers in the trailer, filled with pre-sliced ham, cheese, salad and a variety of spreads, which we crammed inside wraps or slices of bread. And this lunch was eaten pretty much anywhere.  Sometimes as a picnic,… Continue reading From Badlands to Mount Rushmore